Seashell Find Gem Mining Bag


Here is what you will get.

One Gem Mining Seashell dig bag with over TWO pounds of fun.
Seashell mining bag including:
• 4+ oz. of seashells
• 3 lbs of sand
• Educational seashell ID postcard
• 1 Sand sifter “colors may vary”
• 1 Bag to keep your treasures safe

*Each bag could have a variation of seashells from our amazing ocean such as: Angel wings, Beaded Periwinkle, Horse Conch, Calico Scallops, Abalone, South Africa Turbo, Sundial Shell, Land Snail Shell, Auger Shell, Clam Shell, Mitel Shell, Mussel Shell, Nautilus Sell, and more


Did you know that 90% of shells are Dextral, which mean the opening are to the right?  Grab a Seashell Dig and explore all the great details of these shells.

*The Seashells are from Oceans from all around this great world.  We use bags for delivery and not plastic buckets to help protect our Mother Earth.  You will love the kits that you will receive they are full of surprises.

**Caution:  The Seashell dig bags come with sharp items and small objects that can cause a choking hazard please keep away from small children under the age of three:  Please make sure that children are supervised while mining.   This an outdoor activity, if you want directions on how to do this activity with a small group inside, please call our office.  Due to the nature of this activity, ALL gem mining kit cannot be returned.

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